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We bring experiential learning to women who value real results and want to have a great time achieving them.


I want to be recognized as an expert in my field by writing my book as a business card, memoir, or impactful story.

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I want to be a confident, effective communicator. Become a recognized expert, move forward in my career, and confidently access speaking opportunities.

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I want to lead in my field and build a clear leadership message. I want to communicate my value to clients and customers successfully.

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I want to skyrocket my success with greater accountability following a results based system I’ve personalized for my life, my business, my way.

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I want to create an online platform that communicates, educates and connects with an audience to stay relevant, expand my reach and grow my revenue.

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I am looking for an easy to follow success based system to improve my business results, my overall performance, and my life.

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LEAP Learning Lab is a Community of Practice for motivated women who want results.

Our team of professionals are the best at what they do. Every program on The Lab is the passion and purpose of each instructor. This is their ‘genius’ work.

Our BEST Circle offers everything a woman needs to show up fully in today’s world:







We offer electric and experiential learning across multiple disciplines empowering women to live at their absolute best.

We design and deliver learning to expand the life, purpose and skills of today’s woman.

Leadership. Excellence. Acceleration. Performance.

Learning Designed To Accelerate Your Results


Core. Create. Deliver.

You have a unique story to tell, we know you need to tell it, and you know you can't do it alone. You want to write and position yourself as an expert in the market, become a unique voice for your industry, and get booked. Your story will help you reach new markets, fill your calendar with speaking gigs, and grow your revenue. It's time for you to create an impact with your unique story.

Writing can be a daunting task, and our exclusive three-phase program (Core, Create and Deliver) gets started at your story and our Phase Three clients will see their book publish-ready by the end of the Program.



Message. Focus. Impact

Speaking up and achieving success requires effective communication delivered from deeply-rooted confidence with a clear message. Communicators who deliver anything less will miss their mark and get lost in the noise.

SPEAK is a proven system that delivers clarity, confidence and assured impact. If you are a corporate leader, media entrepreneur or female politician on the move, this is a program for you.



Clarity. Conviction. Competence. Courage.

A clear leadership message in your life, career, and business, is a key success factor to LEAD in your field of expertise. In LEAD, you'll build competency around communicating a clear value-based message to drive your personal and financial results.

Throughout the 4-modules of LEAD, you will create a competitive edge based on our unique LEAD framework of: Clarity, Conviction, Competence and Courage. You'll use this framework to build a recognized leadership brand clearly tied to the value you bring to your clients, customers, peers, and other leaders.



Clarity. Focus. Acumen. Conversion.

Move ahead of your competitors and accelerate your success across your life, career and business. Focus your thinking and behaviour on converting your leads. Win in the market alongside women entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders who are moving toward the ultimate-goal of converting their efforts into results at an accelerated pace.

ACCELERATE is delivered in a flexible blended-learning model, through webinars, custom online learning, and private discussion groups. You will create results by applying our tested ACCELERATE formula: Clarity + Focus + Acumen + Conversion = Confidence. Confidence is proven to ACCELERATE results!



Program. Social. Audience

As a woman in business you need an online platform. Growing online means expanding your current business model to serve more people.

PLATFORM is your step by step process of taking your business online. Scale your business, build an online offering, clarify your story, create your media zone, attract your audience, leverage your content, and market authentically for exponential growth and revenue.


PowHERcircle Challenge

Presence. Passion. Perseverance.

Our FREE Program is our 7-day Challenge. This simple 7-day system is designed to move you forward in your life, business and personal development. This system has created results for hundreds of women!

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