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PUBLISH is an exclusive three-phase writing program

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The PUBLISH Program


Delivers your CORE STORY


Creates your PRE-PUBLISH Package


DELIVERS your manuscript

Phase One - CORE STORY


This where you start to sharpen your expert positioning. This is the most intensive phase of the program, that’s why it’s short. It’s four weeks, and we get to it. This phase is deep, it’s honest, and it delivers a framework for you to build on.


You will, use your unique voice and perspective to help establish you as an expert. You will articulate the Core Story that drives your industry, your business, or you. Accessing the vulnerability and uniqueness of your story will harness the power of it, and allow you to connect with a broad audience, stand out, and be remembered.


You will deliver, a 5,000-10,000-word DRAFT which will start to position you as an expert, on your topic, even if your topic is you, and your story. Whatever your reason for writing your book is, your Core Story can only be told by you, your way, for your reasons. A complete, polished, multi-purpose one-pager tells your story and operates as your pitch to potential new fans, markets, industries, and press-releases to enhance your public profile.


If you want to finally articulate your story, this is your opportunity to do so and reach a wider audience. If you want to enhance your business by establishing yourself as an expert, this is your chance to build a bulletproof calling card!

What People Are Saying About PUBLISH

Tina has a unique ability to listen to a person’s words and hear their heart talking.

Rob Bancroft

Tina knows how to craft a message for an audience. Why? Because she’s a true listener.

Patti Jo Wiese

I am amazed by how you (Meribeth) can get such a cohesive story out of our interview. Thank you for your interest, empathy and skill. Wow!


How our PUBLISH Program works:

Who Should Apply

Who Should Apply for PUBLISH

You are a woman who:

Wants to be recognized as an expert in her field through her work
Knows her story will have impact on her results but can't seem to get the words on a page
Understands writing is a great way to grow her brand, her business, and her following
Wants to add a stream of residual income to her life
Wants a helping hand with the writing process

Phase One Applications

Phase One

We accept 3 intakes of phase one annually.
Please see application for intake details.

Step 1: Fill out your application
Step 2: We review your application
Step 3: We meet over a 30 minute interview
Step 4: If accepted into Phase One you will receive a message form Tina and Meribeth about on-boarding requirements

Phase Two Selection

A select group of Phase One graduates will be accepted into Phase Two

At the conclusion of both Phase One intakes; Tina and Meribeth will interview candidates for Phase Two

A select roster of women will be informed and will begin the 6-week Phase Two.

Phase Three

Qualified graduates from Phase Two will be invited into our 8-month Authors-in- Residence Program


We get you started on your journey to expert through your writing. We clarify your impact to ensure your book sells. We craft your compelling story, and then it's time to PUBLISH.

  • Core Story Specialist
  • Journalist and Story Producer
  • Master Communicator
  • Producer of Radio & TV Documentaries
  • 20 Years in PR and Marketing
  • Specializes in the craft and process of writing

Together, they are the PUBLISH duo.

Meribeth Deen

Story Coach. Editor. Maker of Book Dreams.

Meribeth Deen is a Journalist and a Story Producer. She’s produced radio documentaries all over the world and brought the stories of whistle-blowers at Guantanamo Bay to the screen. She goes to where the truth lives. She’s kind, process oriented and believes that when writing, you need to get lost in order to find the point.

As Tina says: Meribeth is ALL and not SOME. She’s about story structure and clear communication yet she honors the process and craft of writing.

Tina O

Writer. Core Story Specialist. Bringing stories to life.

TinaO is a Core Story Specialist and a master communicator. She brings over twenty years of PR and Marketing writing plus over thirty years in the arts as a director for film and theatre, performer and even an administrator. She’s a right brain/left brain cross.

As Meribeth says: Tina is someone who can suck the story out of you, she’s going to make you feel safe and strong enough to serve your story to the world.

It's time to deliver your story.



This is where you learn to use words to connect with a build trust with your reader - as this is critical for positioning you as the expert in your field. This six-week comprehensive phase of learning teaches more than just the writing process, but also clear communication that will drive your unique story and forge a connection with your audience. Your brand will ring true through every word and inspire confidence in what you are bringing to the table.


You hone your skills in interviewing for research purposes. This is a vital skill for you to develop. You will get to know your story, it’s genre, and who your audience is. How your audience wants to absorb your story and what you need to tweak to get them to invest in you! You will work to a deadline each week. You will take this ‘writing thing’ seriously. Learn how to write from the shadow side of your story to enrich your Author’s notes.


This is where you complete your book proposal that is publisher ready. You produce a powerful sample chapter that illustrates your unique voice and story. A well-researched story primed to peak interest. The goal of your research outline and road map, is to leverage your story with chapter abstracts to capture the attention of your audience. Your persuasive research for your author’s notes and market research will support; WHY your book will sell. This process adds 15,000 words to your first draft.


You are supported by a weekly roundup with direction and off-the-cuff silliness to remind you that writing isn't really that hard! Tina and Meribeth will guide you through Phase Two and be with you every step of the way. They know the right way to have your story be heard and what it takes to position you as an expert.


A Blogging/Vlogging Tutorial pulling together your concept in a crisp 30-second and 3-minute teaser with Core Story Specialist, TinaO. This foundational session will set you up to execute on a clear market message. A Teaser video is vital to marketing yourself and your work.

Are you ready to go from concept to PUBLISH?

Phase Three - DELIVER


Answering the deeper questions which gives your story roots, depth, and dimension helps edit and shape your story, as it evolves to a finished product. You will integrate your hard-fought research to connect with your reader. You will fulfill your story by layering in human experiences with stakes and empathy. Books that answer the deeper questions are the ones that grow brands with a reader base!


Having a compelling chapter-to- chapter through-line with impact moves you closer to your goal. This includes turning points, a strong perspective, tone and stakes in your writing, because fulfilling each important detail, ensuring integrity throughout is vital to capturing your audience. You will complete a complete 90,000-word minimum polished draft.


You’ll build a personal profile-building and positioning campaign for you and your story. Through working connections and resources, we’ll help you capture the audience you set your eyes on. We will build your exposure to expand your reach. We offer market and message positioning within our strategic partner’s media platform. You will receive a publishing consultation for your print and delivery strategy.


  • A personal 60-minute Core Story Session with TinaO
  • One private session with Story Coach Meribeth Deen
  • Two group training sessions via Webinar Weekly video tutorials with assignments
  • A total of FIVE video tutorials with assignments
  • Publish Notes from both Meribeth and Tina
  • Individual notes during week three taking you from draft to polish
  • Daily feedback, encouragement and conversation in our private PUBLISH Members ONLY group
  • Plus, a weekly round-up filled with inspiration, direction, and humour to keep you going!

Now Accepting Applicants
Space Is Limited

The Introductory Price of PUBLISH is: $397 which will be due upon acceptance into the program.