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SPEAK increases your ability to effectively communicate a captivating message to any audience.

Yes I Am Ready

The SPEAK Program


Own Your Intro


Laying Your Foundation


On Your Mark!


Practice. Preparedness. Power!


Mastering Your Delivery with Magnetism


Presentation Celebration

Own Your Intro

Think about how many times a day, week, month, year you are introduced to someone:

  • Have you mastered your Intro?
  • Are you fully satisfied with how you are delivering it?
  • Are you leaving the person you met wanting to know more and re-connect with you?

Are you prepared for your next opportunity? You will be!


Laying Your Foundation

We begin to lay the all-important foundation:

  • Preparing your Outline for your 5-Minute Presentation
  • Understanding Your Process - What Works for You
  • Finding Your Style + Inspiration Methods

You are introduced to the PowHERtalks 3-legged Stool: Passion, Purpose and Power to help you find clarity.


On Your Mark!

We continue to work through the process by playing with the 3 C's - Core | Content | Creativity.

  • Confirming Your Core Message, your Bull's Eye
  • Content Creation & Distillation
  • Playing with Creativity

We do a deep-dive to refine the Core of your message where less is more.


The 3 P’s – Practice | Preparedness | Power!

It is the process of Expansion + Refinement that leads to the magic we’re after. Think of it as you would breathing:

  • Inhaling: Taking in oxygen, energy, new ideas, creativity and inspiration, mulling, pondering, percolating…
  • Exhaling: Letting go of what it’s not, defining and refining, distilling, focusing, grounding, centering…

Mastering Your Delivery with Magnetism

We know that at the heart of the matter, our most common denominator, we are all ENERGY. We focus on ensuring our energy is where it needs to be to attract our tribe as we find our voice and take our lead:

  • Connectedness | Mind, Body, Heart + Voice
  • Confidence | Flipping the Butterflies and Owning the Stage
  • What's NOT being said | Your powHER pose, posture & projection

We integrate all of the pieces ensuring energy you have for your presentation will shine through – not just the words but also how they are received.


Presentation Celebration!

Women don't take enough time to acknowledge and celebrate their progress and the process.

That won't be the case in SPEAK!

  • Celebration | First of all, let's celebrate and enjoy our 5-minute presentations
  • Tying Up Loose Ends | Getting the very most from this experience
  • What's Next |This is only the beginning!

We integrate all of the pieces ensuring energy you have for your presentation will shine through – not just the words but also how they are received.


3 Complete Videos:

1. 1-minute PITCH video

2. 2-minute Connector video - perfect for your website or social media profile

3. 5-minute mini-keynote capturing the essence of the full presentation you’ll master in SPEAK

Life is your stage. It's not a dress rehearsal. This is your life. OWN IT!

SPEAK is your journey from the page to the stage and beyond.


What People Are Saying About SPEAK

I have been honored to work with Charlene through the LEAP Learning Lab, SPEAK program. Charlene’s facilitation of the program was well organized, communicated and gave me a series of tangible results that have been powerful in my own business. Most importantly, she creates an environment of comfort and support, empowering participants to grow themselves and their business. She has been a fantastic mentor, offering constructive, honest feedback. She has a brilliant business mindset and I would encourage others to take the opportunity to work with her.

Kelly Beattie, Change Agent | Facilitator | Keynote Speaker

My lived experience can speak to the positive impact Charlene has had on my own life and career. Without Char, I would not have been on the TEDX stage in Vancouver in October of 2016, an event which remains a significant highlight for me. She has managed to galvanize a vast tribe of not only strong women but powHERful speakers. I adore this woman!

Christina Benty, Retired Politician | Jazz Singer | Leadership Specialist

When I first came across SPEAK! Canada, I really didn’t see how it would benefit me since I have taken several speaking programs in the past and have been speaking for many years. Once I was in the program, I realized it was unlike any other program I had experienced. Charlene was masterful at drawing out greater clarity within me, really nailing it, resulting in a crystal-clear message. The intimate nature, one-on-one attention and peer support fostered a quick learning curve and was highly effective in getting almost immediate feedback. If you know Charlene, she does everything with purpose and with the end in mind. Upon completion of SPEAK, I ended up several deliverables that I have been able to implement immediately. Thank-you Charlene, and thank you SPEAK! Canada!

Janine Brolly, Advocate | Facilitator | Speaker

The SPEAK program is so much more than learning how to present and speak. I found a community of women that offer support, encouragement and friendship. My journey with SPEAK has really tapped into my purpose and helped me dig deep to cut through all the BS and just get to the heart of my matter. The coaching and accountability is bang on. The modules are perfectly timed and progress beautifully to uncover clarity and a strong message. I can’t recommend SPEAK enough. In fact I will probably come back to this program over and over!

Zena Amundsen, Certified Financial Planner | Adding Heart to Business + Money


Charlene is a proud Canadian woman of Indigenous descent, social entrepreneur, a publisher & producer, author, speaker, community leader, economic development enthusiast and second-term Councilor for the Town of Gibsons in BC. Charlene is also the Founder and CEO of PowHERhouse Media Group, a vehicle marrying media and manifestation to move women forward, faster. Since October 2015, Charlene has put 100+ women on the stage and connected them with audiences in the thousands, both live and virtual.

She is thrilled to instruct the SPEAK program and cannot wait to get to know you!


PowHERhouse Media Group

produces numerous live and virtual events to create stage access for our SPEAK! graduates. Perhaps we'll see you on one in the future?


See and hear the results of Char's SPEAK coaching by listening to over 100 powHERTalk videos


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The price of the SPEAK Program is $597 which will be due upon acceptance into the program.